This system tracks consumption of charge units used at public areas of residences by different residents and guests and makes accounting for pricing. Sharz, with Residence Charge Management System, provides residence managements consumption reporting and management software system.

Charging at residence is the most preferred charge option and charge system must always work in a reliable way. Your power substructure must be sufficient and installation should be done by specialist teams.

We provide the following services with our software;

  • Discovery and consultancy for substructure
  • Selection and supply of charge unit
  • Installation of charge unit
  • 7/24 call solution centre
  • Onsite service

CONTACT US: Contact Sharz call centre to found Shopping Centre charge system. 0850 811 72 75

DISCOVERY AND INSTALLATION: Discovery and consultancy on selection and positioning of unit, electrical substructure sufficiency, material selection.

SELECTION OF CHARGE UNIT: Selection of unit appropriate to your vehicle by evaluating substructure of station.

INSTALLATION AND MONTAGE: Power substructure cabling installation on demand. Charge unit montage and commissioning service.

SERVICE: 7/24 Sharz Call Solution Centre

SITE, BLOCK, BUSINESS PLACE CHARGE UNIT MANAGEMENT: Web based software which tracks and reports usage of common area units open for use of different electric vehicles based on individual vehicles.

OPEN YOUR CHARGE UNIT TO PUBLIC: You can make income by connecting your charge unit to Sharznet and make other electric vehicle drivers use your charge unit. You should have a commercial management for this and your unit should be a model which can connect the internet.


  1. Sharz manages on your behalf: Sharz can manage charge units at common areas of residences and business places and collect charge consumption and service costs to pay site and block managements. Site management and company management consumptions can also be followed.
  2. Closed circuit management: If residence or business place management demands to manage common area charge units in closed circuits, managements can track consumptions via sharz web application and reflect them to fees of residents