EVS is the most experienced firm in Turkey and the World for management of fleet energy consumption.

EVS, and its Sharz brand is a charge technology firm which makes you manage your fleet from a central office and charge your vehicles from charge stations. By transforming your fleet to electric vehicles, you

  • Save fuel costs,
  • Minimise vehicle maintenance costs,
  • Minimise vehicle maintenance time,
  • Minimise carbon emissions and contribute to environmental sustainability.

When you decide to transform your vehicles to electrical ones, your vehicles will require charge at

  • Company centre
  • Personnel’s homes
  • Public electric vehicle charge stations

Sharz makes you track electric consumption at company centre, public areas and homes from a single centre and pay with a single bill.

Drivers can see closest charge points on the map with a mobile application and can start charge with the mobile application.

Limits and Restrictions:

You can manage energy consumption for all your vehicles via Web application.

  • You can limit consumption based on filling amounts, single vehicle and department
  • You can limit regions and determine stations and regions which can be used or not
  • You can limit time and determine times of the day appropriate for filling.

Operation of the System;

  • Vehicles of your company and telephone numbers of drivers are saved to Fleet Sharz software.
  • Limits and restrictions are saved separately for each vehicle.
  • Charge devices at company centres have barcodes.
  • Driver scans barcode with the mobile application to start charging process.
  • Driver can also start charging process at all public stations by scanning barcode.
  • Charge station at homes are installed with a connection to central office, therefore consumptions are also saved at the central office. Charge expense payments of sites are done to site managements by EVS.

You can charge your vehicles with Sharz.net at Sharz, Porsche, Voltrun, Aksa, Aydem charge operator stations